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Fast and Guaranteed Shipping We know that you have plans to keep and fun to have, so we offer fast and reliable shipping —plus, orders of $70+ ship for free!

In-stock orders placed on our website will generally ship within 5-6 business days. We assume no responsibility or liability and will not accept returns or chargebacks for loss or damage due to delayed shipment or inability to deliver, whether or not such loss or damage was made known to us, including, but not limited to, liability for non-performance caused by acts of God, war, labor difficulties, accidents, inability to obtain materials, delays of carriers, contractors or suppliers or any other cause of any kind whatsoever beyond our control. Under no circumstances shall we be liable for any special, consequential, incidental, indirect, or liquidated damages, losses, or expense (whether or not based on negligence) arising directly or indirectly from delays or failure to give notice of delay.

What shipping options are available?


All domestic shipping options available are listed below. These shipping estimates are based on transit days (business days) after the order has left the warehouse. Your package should reach you by the earliest date listed within the expected delivery dates provided. Due to COVID-19 delays with all carriers, there is a chance the package may be delivered by the latest date listed, but no later than that. We are unable to guarantee delivery dates at this time due to COVID-19 delays. Other factors that are out of our control, such as apocalyptic weather or a delivery destination in a rural location, may experience delivery times beyond what’s displayed.

Domestic shipping options are listed below:
5-6 day transit once shipped via Standard Shipping (no Sunday delivery) (Ese es el nombre del envio que va a ir en la página web cuando compran en el carrito).

*Ship times to Hawaii and Alaska may vary.
**Days are business days.

What shipping carrier i used to deliver my order?


We use a variety of different carriers such as USPS, FedEx, UPS, and DHL. We use the best carrier to make sure you get your order delivered by the expected delivery date.

Our shipping method selection process intends the shipment to arrive on the earlier of the date ranges provided. Though the shipment should be delivered by the earliest date listed, the aforementioned carrier transit delays could add additional transit time. With a chance of delivery delay, the order can be expected by the latest date, but no later. When selecting a shipping method, please keep in mind that most packages are delivered in the afternoon or evening as opposed to the morning. If the shipment has not arrived by 8pm local time on the latest date we have listed for your shipping option, please reach out to our customer service team at customerservicetapitapus@gmail.com.

How do i track my shipment?


Shipping confirmations containing tracking information will be sent upon the order's departure from our warehouse facility. Customers can utilize the tracking confirmation to check on delivery status. This will update via live carrier information as the shipment progresses. Tracking information normally takes 24-48 hours to update in carrier systems. There are instances where carrier tracking does not update in real time, but customers can expect their shipment by the shipping date provided at checkout. Feel free to reach out to a customer service agent with any difficulty in tracking your order.

Why is the tracking number associated with my order not working?


Awesome things take time. Tracking numbers can take 24-48 hours to become active. If after 48 hours, your tracking number still isn't active, please contact us so we can help.

Tracking says that the package is scheduled to be delivered today but i haven´t received it yet. Where is it?


If your tracking information states that your package is scheduled to be delivered today, keep in mind that some carriers deliver packages as late as 8 PM local time. If after 8 PM you still haven't received your package, please contact us, or contact the carrier directly to inquire about the status of the delivery.

The package carrying my order is delayed due to bad weather. Can i get a refund?


We hate delayed deliveries just as much as you do. If our warehouse ships your order out late or if the carrier experiences a “service failure,” then we are more than happy to refund the cost of shipping. However, if the delivery is delayed as a result of bad weather, which sadly is out of our control, then we will not be able to extend a refund for your order or the cost of shipping.

Tracking info says that my package was delivered but i dont see it. what should i do?


If the tracking information for your order says that it was delivered but you don't see it anywhere, we recommend that you contact the carrier directly BEFORE contacting us. The reason we ask that is because we are not able to contact the US Postal Service on our customers' behalf. Likewise, if your package was shipped via UPS then their investigation process will require them to be in contact with the customer to try and figure out the location of the package. Contacting the carrier BEFORE contacting us typically saves you and us time. If the carrier admits that the package was lost or incorrectly delivered then we are more than happy to send out a replacement package or issue a refund for the order.

My package is being returned to sender. what can i do?


If your package is being returned to the sender (our warehouse), it’s usually because the shipping/delivery address was incorrect, or because nobody was present at the delivery location to receive the package. Please be sure to contact us if your package is being returned to our warehouse so we can address the situation ASAP!

When will my order ship?


Orders will typically ship the next business day. During the holiday season, there may be additional days before an order ships, but the expected delivery date range at checkout will be an accurate window of when your order will arrive.

I entered my shipping address wrong when placing my order. what can i do?


If your order has yet to be packed or shipped then we will still be able to edit your shipping address. Please contact us ASAP so we can fix this issue before your order ships. Send us a email customerservicetapitapus@gmail.com  If your order has already been packed and shipped then unfortunately we will not be able to revise your shipping address. Fingers crossed that your package will still be delivered successfully but chances are that it will be returned to our warehouse. In the case that the package is being returned to our warehouse then we are more than happy to send out a replacement package via standard shipping . Please be sure to contact us if your package is being returned to our warehouse

Why was sales tax applied to my order?


Tapitap LLC is legally required to collect sales tax on sales being shipped to states in which our business has a presence, such as an office or a fulfillment center. Currently this applies to the state of Florida, where our  warehouse are located.

Additionally, we are also obligated to collect sales tax in 25 states where we have nexus according to the 2019 Supreme Court ruling in the Wayfair v S. Dakota case. We collect sales tax for the following states: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin.

Why hasn´t my order shipped yet?


If you believe that your order should have already shipped, but you haven't received a shipping confirmation email, please contact us so we can make sure your package ships on time. Occasionally, shipping confirmation emails get trapped in junk/spam folders, so it’s always a good idea to check those before contacting us. We do not ship on weekends.